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Gabriella v-neck sheath wedding dress with 3/4 length sleeves, Sottero and Midgley


Sottero and Midgley - Spring 2017 - Gabriella



Would definitely buy from the company again

Fit beautifully, excellent quality. It's actually lined. I purchased a vintage petticoat for it and it's even more beautiful!


One Sexy Dress for the perfect 50s Glam look

I love this dress! I everyone complimented me on it. I ordered a size up from my normal size bc I am a bit top heavy and I didn't want to look indecent. The ruching on the dress helped suck up any extra fabric at my waist and my girls weren't falling out but I still had that sexy curvy look.For reference I wear a size 12-14 and 36 DDD


Five Stars



She looked great. It did run a little big

Bought this for my daughters junior prom. She looked great. It did run a little big, being able to tie up the back made it work. Well worth the money.


This dress is beyond the most beautiful dress you could ever ima

This dress is beyond the most beautiful dress you could ever imagine. One of the really great things about it is that it is not so short that you must be very careful of showing off your undergarments. i would definitely recommend this dress!


Dress was a tad large for me in the top ...

Dress was a tad large for me in the top and waist since I'm not too busty, but once I threw a belt on it, it was not noticeable at all! For reference, I'm 38-34-43 (inches)and I got a size XL.


May purchase one in every color!

Such a happy color and so many compliments! Looks even better with my white petticoat underneath. Would purchase one in ever color!


Five Stars

Good~~! Order the US size you usually wear or one size bigger.


I have my wedding dress!

Everyone has an opinion about wedding dresses. Some think you absolutely try on and then buy from a store only, some (like me) practically get hives at the idea of having to deal with the experience of having to deal with a department store, or even worse, a dreaded "bridal boutique". I had tried on something nearly identical to this dress in a big-name department store without any hassle or fanfare, but there was no way I was going to pay the price they were asking! I immediately came home and began an online search to try and find the same dress, or something similar to it, at a better price. Sure enough, here it is. The color choices were perfect, the price was beyond ideal, and more importantly, they had a wide range of sizes as well (I'm in-between sizes, so this is sometimes an issue). I've never bought clothing from retroic.com before. I thought about it, and since I trust retroic.com, I decided to go ahead and order it.I ordered in on January 8th, and was advised that I would probably receive it sometime between mid-February and early March. Since the dress was shipping from China, I expected that, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I decided to track my shipment last Tuesday and found that it was already on its way! The dress arrived yesterday (January 21st). As I expected, knowing the way clothes fit on me, the dress is big in the shoulder area, but that is going to be a simple fix (it's definitely not the fault of the seller; again, it's just the way dresses in particular fit on me). Other than that, the fit is absolutely perfect, and very true-to-size. One thing I will say is that the hem of the underskirt could have been sewn with a bit more care, but this is also an easy fix. Even if I choose not to fix it, it's not noticeable, but I'm sure that some people would have an issue with this.If I have any real complaints at all, it would just be regarding the shipping. UPS had first attempted to deliver last Friday, but said they couldn't because a signature was required. I receive shipments to my home via UPS all the time, and this has never been an issue, so I was surprised. UPS then said they would deliver it on Monday the 20th (which was MLK Day), but then wound up cancelling the delivery, because of the holiday. Very frustrating, especially since they considered that a second delivery attempt! Since I couldn't, my fiance had to take the day off from work yesterday in order to be able to sign for it, as this would have been the 3rd and final delivery attempt. This turned out to be unnecessary, as UPS wound up leaving it at the door, with no signature required after all. I don't know if the seller had in fact said a signature was required, or if UPS just screwed up, but the confusion and hassle were a bit of an issue.Also, rather than being shipped in a box, the seller shipped the dress in a soft plastic UPS bag/envelope, which resulted in a lot of wrinkling of the dress. No big deal; it's nothing that can't be steamed out, but it would have been nice to have had the dress shipped with a bit more care, especially since those soft envelope bags get tossed around pretty easily, and also tear easily as well. It would have been a shame if my dressed had sustained damage that could have easily been avoided with better packing for shipping.Overall, I'm extremely happy with my dress, and my experience with this seller. Their customer service staff was also very friendly, and professional as well. I would not hesitate to recommend this seller's products to anyone looking for a lovely dress of good quality at a good price.


It looks great on and it's one of my faves for the ...

I'm 5'2" & 120 lbs. I ordered a size small and it fits very well. It looks great on and it's one of my faves for the summer.


Five Stars

Love this dress!!!!


Five Stars

Super cute and great quality for the price, I love it!

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