#12852 Style like (Simone Carvalli - Fall 2015 - Style 90246 Long Sleeve Lace Sheath V Neckline Wedding Dress)


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Style 90246, long sleeve lace sheath wedding dress with a plunging V-neckline, Simone Carvalli


Simone Carvalli - Fall 2015 - Style 90246 Long Sleeve Lace Sheath V Neckline Wedding Dress



omg buy this!!!!

This is amazing!!!! Soooo much better than any other one I tried on because it frees your legs and keeps the layers off of them!!!! Made my dress stunning!!!!


I love this dress but...

I got the dress and I loved how it looked on me and how and where the dress fell on me when I wear it. My order was put in on May 3rd and I paid good money I could of used for new guitar sheet music books on shipping just to get this dress shipped to me next day but it didn't show up until May 7th which was a Monday. It makes me wonder if I had ordered the dress on Thursday May 2nd if they would of got it to me the next day or not because when I placed the order UPS used the whole weekend to get that dress to me. I love the dress I just wondering about the shipping. My advice would be to not order something this nice for an event you have to dress up nice for at the last minute like I did because then you wonder about the shipping and end up paying more then you need to.


This is one of my favorite dresses ever

This is one of my favorite dresses ever. I wore it to a Christmas wedding in New York and got so many compliments. Very flattering


I love this wrap dress! Very classy and fits perfect!

I’m a size 12 and my height is 5’7. Here are my measurements:Bust: 37”Chest: 33”Waist: 35”Hip: 42”This dress is very classy and cute! The material is made of some kind of cotton-spandex blend and I would really like to emphasize how comfortable it is. I enjoy the fact that it’s a wrap around because more often than not, pullovers or dresses that zip/button up on the back don’t fit me properly. The way this dress is made makes it a guaranteed fit. I have short legs, so the dress was a little longer than it looked on the model in the picture. It fell just below my knees. Still, as soon as I wrapped it around and tied the ribbon, it was a perfect fit! I didn’t have to adjust it or squirm to make it fit or anything.I would like to note that there are two little buttons on the right inside of the dress that attaches to a little loop on the other side to secure the dress. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to keep the dress secure before finding the buttons. I also highly suggest ironing it before you wear it out because the material has a tendency to wrinkle easily.I highly recommend this dress! It’s classy and professional looking but also very cute. Not to mention, it’s super comfortable and looked exactly like in the picture!


I absolutely love the way it looks

The dress is a little large. However, I absolutely love the way it looks, the colors and the style. The color is beautiful! I wear many Taylor dresses as the style is always feminine and attractive.


Five Stars

I get so many compliments -- just love it

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